10-Foot-Long Fish Thriving Again in The Amazon River

Measuring up to 10 feet long and weighing 450 pounds, the pirarucu is one of the world’s largest freshwater fish and used to permeate the Amazon river before overfishing dwindled their population. Now, sustainable fishing programs have helped revive the species so that in some areas along the river the population has come back tenfold. At Brazil’s Mamirauá nature reserve, fishing is carefully monitored and tracked so that only 30% of the total population are allowed to be harvested and only adults can be caught. Noticing the success of these rules, locals have organized their own boat patrols to ensure no illegal fishing takes place. As exploitation and deforestation continues to threaten the Amazon, this news comes as not only a rare environmental victory but also a testament to how climate organizing can suceed. Learn more at NPR.

Image courtesy of Bruno Kelly/NPR