Mochi Ice Cream 12 Flavor Gift Box

New York-based Mochidoki’s signature collection gift box includes 24 mochi ice cream in 12 different flavors—from classics like matcha, black sesame and red bean to delectable concoctions like salted caramel, vanilla chip and raspberry crunch. Founded by Ken Gordon in 2015, the brand utilizes the highest-quality ingredients under the watch of its culinary director, chef Natsume Aoi—who grew up making mochi in her grandmother’s Okinawa …

Ginger-Flavored Caramels

Made by family-owned, Seosan-based Badasoop, these caramels provide a twist on the traditional Korean candy Yeot—which can be made with all kinds of bases, from rice to sorghum, pumpkin or corn. Badasoop’s iteration (made from rice) replaces sugar with ginger, elevating its flavor from syrupy sweet to sophisticated and zesty. Each minimally designed box contains 18 individually wrapped caramels.

Eight Excellent Ice Cream Brands Shipping Throughout the US

Sweet treats delivered to your door

Though most town’s have ice cream options aplenty, there are always countless more out there to try. Whether experimenting with unique ingredients or aiming to perfect a vegan base, ice cream brands are ever-upping their game to appease the curious palates of consumers. And though rich, velvety classics haven’t fallen out of favor, there are new iterations that explore interesting flavors, healthier formulas and more. …