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Expressive E

Osmose Synthesizer


Osmose is a standalone polyphonic synthesizer from Montreuil-based Expressive E, a French manufacturer that aims to make next-generation musical instruments that are both tech-forward and intuitive. Produced in collaboration with Haken Audio, …

Moog Music

Moog Sound Studio


Ideal for professionals and rookies alike, the Moog Sound Studio provides an all-encompassing approach to exploring modulated sounds. Upgraded from their first iteration, this package offers a richer experience to build complex …


Werkstatt-01 Synth


This patchable analog synthesizer kit from Moog is the legendary audio brand’s most affordable synth, and an ideal option for those just beginning to experiment. Easy to assemble, the device also comes …




When creating the Orba, the designers at Artiphon found inspiration from video game controllers. This compact, sleek and infinitely addicting new musical instrument is a hand-held synth, looper and MIDI device. It …

Link Design
Via arstechnica.com

MIT Scientists Turn Amino Acids Into Music

Expanding upon previous projects that laid the foundation for making music from amino acid chains, MIT scientists can now use their process to create never-before-seen proteins—especially ones with beneficial properties. Using amino …

Little Bits

Synth Kit


Recommended for ages 14+, this kit, designed by Little Bits and KORG, lets young music-lovers build their own modular synth. Featuring a delay, filter, micro-sequencer, oscillator, synth speaker and much more, the …

Korg iWavestation


Most serious musicians spend an equally serious amount of time on the road, lugging around heavy equipment. While orchestra players may forever be doomed to carry weighty cases, electronic musicians can rest …

Listen Culture

Isao Tomita: Arabesque No. 1

84-year-old composer and synth soothsayer Isao Tomita passed away this weekend in Tokyo. He introduced the near-infinite possibilities of a relatively new invention, the Moog modular synthesizer to Japan—approaching the instrument like …