Panacea Prola Butterfly

From the Netherlands’ taxidermy and entomology hub, de Museum Winkel, comes a stunning array of stuffed butterflies—including this bright blue Panacea prola. Originating in Peru, this insect, known also as the red flasher or Prola beauty, stretches four centimeters in length. It’s quite delicate and, of course, no two will be exactly the same. Importantly, all animals come from zoos or farms where they died …

Magnificent Objects: The Artist as Collector

Inside the collections of famed creators, from Damien Hirst to Hiroshi Sugimoto

The latest exhibition at London art gallery and cultural center Barbican takes a deeper look at the fascination with collecting items (be it art, postcards, cookie jars or taxidermied animals) that unites a number of post-war and contemporary artists. Visually striking, the exhibition reads as insight into the minds that have created some of the most remarkable contemporary art. In many cases, seeing their collections …

Marimekko Mr Roes

Designer Kirsty Anderson creates a wood nymph’s fantasy world with her repurposed fabric-covered vintage pieces. Having scooped up a bounty of Marimekko fabric in Helsinki, she introduces the diminutive Mr Roe, a bright and chipper patterned bust based on the roe deer, and smaller alternative to the collection’s statement stag head.