Xerophile: Cactus Photographs from Expeditions of the Obsessed

From LA-based creative collective Cactus Store, an updated version of the original Xerophile: Cactus Photographs from Expeditions of the Obsessed includes new archival imagery, that spans 80 years, alongside expanded notes. Cacti surviving the snow-capped mountains of Bolivia, succulents that grow in lava in the Galapagos Islands, a two-leaf plant that has lived for a millennia: these fascinating photos and more complete this stunning collection.

The Anchor Brewing Story

The compelling tale of one of America’s oldest craft breweries, author David Burkhart’s The Anchor Brewing Story delves into the history of San Francisco’s beloved Anchor Brewing Co from the Gold Rush to Prohibition until today. More than 300 archival images accompany the thoughtful text, which even incorporates the original home recipes for the brewer’s Anchor Steam, Anchor California Lager, Anchor Porter and Liberty Ale. Beer drinkers, …

Super Natural Simple: Whole-Food, Vegetarian Recipes for Real Life

With 120 vegetarian recipes, Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Simple is a refreshed yet approachable take on healthier meals. Her recipes stick to limited ingredients, while featuring time-saving tips, flavor combination ideas and make-ahead meals to streamline cooking. Packed with nutrients and whole foods—from French onion breakfast strata to blistered cherry tomato soba—these recipes efficiently guide home cooks through preparing delicious, vegetarian meals.