DRAMA: David Rockwell Book

Through thoughtful text and 300 illustrations, the book Drama explores the relationship between Rockwell Group founder and president, David Rockwell’s core architectural principles with the influence of his passion for theater. Published by Phaidon, the book is penned by Rockwell, along with Bruce Mau Studio founder, Bruce Mau. It probes the inherent drama of architecture and design, and leaves readers informed and inspired.

Pokémon Go Creator Niantic Labs Partners with Sleep No More’s Punchdrunk Theatre Company

The groundbreaking immersive theatrical experience Sleep No More first welcomed guests to experience its uniquely interactive, multi-narrative and non-linear mash-up of Macbeth and a haunted hotel in 2011, across several floors of a building in NYC. Five years later, the augmented reality game Pokémon Go swept the world, inviting users to experience AR in an exciting, engaging new way. Now, UK-based Punchdrunk Theatre Company (the imagination and …

Vermont’s Northern Stage Turns Kids into Arts Enthusiasts

The professional theater company is bringing performance into public schools, students into the spotlight and profit into the community

“When you bring children into this space and give them fully professional support, it’s life-changing for them in a way that you just can’t do without the support of a theater like this,” theater company Northern Stage’s Director of Education Eric Love says. Northern Stage—which is situated just off Main Street in White River Junction, Vermont—was conceptualized by Brooke Ciardelli in 1997, but a 2013 …