Pokémon Go Creator Niantic Labs Partners with Sleep No More’s Punchdrunk Theatre Company

The groundbreaking immersive theatrical experience Sleep No More first welcomed guests to experience its uniquely interactive, multi-narrative and non-linear mash-up of Macbeth and a haunted hotel in 2011, across several floors of a building in NYC. Five years later, the augmented reality game Pokémon Go swept the world, inviting users to experience AR in an exciting, engaging new way. Now, UK-based Punchdrunk Theatre Company (the imagination and execution behind the former) and SF-based Niantic Labs (the developers of the latter), will partner on “multiple projects that will reinvent storytelling for a 21st century audience and further expand the horizon of interactive entertainment.” From the rule-bending explorations of the former and the reality-altering technological prowess of the latter, it’s a partnership worth paying close attention to. Read more at The Verge.