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Glacier White Toothbrush


After releasing all-black and rose-colored brushes, Goby has just introduced an all-white (referred to as “Glacier White”) edition. The brush will come with all the same features: long-lasting battery, session timer, speed …

All-Black Electric Toothbrush Kit


Health-focused start-up Goby has just announced their all-black electric toothbrush, and while it might be an unexpected hue for a toothbrush, there’s no colorway more chic. In their set-up kit, buyers will …

Electric Toothbrush


An affordable, effective and super-simple toothbrush, Goby has two settings (regular and sensitive) paired with soft, premium rounded tip bristles. Simply press the button once or twice, depending on which mode you …

Donate Smiles


Family-run Smile Squared donates a bamboo toothbrush to a child in need for each toothbrush purchased. You can also forgo the brush and still join their altruistic effort with a simple $5 …