Diverse Technologies for Personal Development at CES 2020

Products that promote wellness, purify the air around us, and more

Dazzling, pixel-rich screens and promising immersive entertainment options garner the longest lines at CES, but devices meant to help us improve various aspects of our lives—whatever our priorities may be—dot the floor, too. They aren’t always the most glamorous products, but oftentimes they’re the ones with the most potential. Exhibitors have sought to uncork the vast capabilities of technology and asked questions whose answers may …

Glacier White Toothbrush

After releasing all-black and rose-colored brushes, Goby has just introduced an all-white (referred to as “Glacier White”) edition. The brush will come with all the same features: long-lasting battery, session timer, speed variations, and lifetime guarantee.

All-Black Electric Toothbrush Kit

Health-focused start-up Goby has just announced their all-black electric toothbrush, and while it might be an unexpected hue for a toothbrush, there’s no colorway more chic. In their set-up kit, buyers will receive a Goby brush, brush head, a hygienic stand, USB charging shell, USB converter and a brush head cover. When signing up for the subscription option, customers get a new brush-head every one, …