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Quip’s Innovative Toothbrush Program

A well-designed product, with heads and toothpaste replaced by mail every three months


A walk through any grocery store or pharmacy reveals countless developments in the world of dental hygiene—at an array of pricing options. And yet, most innovations in the oral care world appear only within products at the premium price point. That’s part of the value with Quip, which launched today. It’s reasonably priced and thought out—with a series of failsafe options designed to make sure users are brushing correctly. It’s a nicely designed product (which is also lightweight) with an emphasis on minimalism rather than layered frills. Most importantly (and based on a two-week trial thus far with the product) it does break bad habits.


Most people brush their teeth for 1.5 minutes—rather than the recommended two-minute minimum. Quip vibrates for two minutes, with an indicator every 30 seconds, to make sure that users hit all 32 teeth with equal brushing time. Dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months, and signing up for Quip’s replacement program means receiving a new head (and toothpaste) in the mail every three months. While these may appear to be small benefits, they’re a necessary return to basics that many people lose along the way. The brush itself comes complete with a suction mount and a sheath for the head—other nice features on a product designed with cleanliness at the core. This is a minimalist electric toothbrush that excels at the essentials.

The Quip Toothbrush starter pack is available online for $25, with a refill pack costing $10 every three months.

Images courtesy of Quip


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