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The Sexton Ghost Tumbler Set


Created by Maximilian Eicke, founder of glassware brand MAX ID NY, The Sexton Ghost Tumbler set invokes the dark amber color of the Irish whiskey it’s been designed to hold. Further, the …

Rounded Base Bar Whiskey Glasses


For anyone who likes to give their whiskey a little swirl before sipping, the Sagaform rounded base whiskey tumbler (which comes in a set of six) makes it all the easier. A …

Forest Tumblers


Crafted from the lower portion of recycled Bordeaux bottles, The Green Glass Co.’s Forest Tumbler set upcycles more than materials—it brings along the nostalgia and charm of great wine. Each glass in …

Rare Whisky Glasses


Inspired by the pleasures of The Macallan Rare Cask, The Rare Whisky Glasses, by fferrone, concentrate the aroma, enhancing the flavor through its design. Each glass is individually hand-formed by master glassblowers …



Glassbaby first awed us with a line of opaque and translucent votives that ranged from bright, saturated hues to more serene tones, each constructed using a multi-layered glassblowing process that makes for …