The Sexton Ghost Tumbler Set

Created by Maximilian Eicke, founder of glassware brand MAX ID NY, The Sexton Ghost Tumbler set invokes the dark amber color of the Irish whiskey it’s been designed to hold. Further, the vessel’s distinctly angular shape calls to mind the geometries of The Sexton bottle itself. Each glass is handblown, thus no two are exactly the same—and yet they’re stackable and dishwasher safe.

Spill-Proof Spinning Wine Glasses

Aura Glass is currently Kickstarting a drinking vessel for klutzes and tipsy people

For those among us who are klutzy, prone to having one-too-many wines or own white furniture, Aura Glass‘ new endeavor might be a saving grace from teetering stemware. Currently funding on Kickstarter, their new spill-proof wine glasses roll around like spinning tops, rather than fall over like regular drinking vessels. Almost impossible to knock over, the glasses also make for easy swirling; meaning your wine …

Rounded Base Bar Whiskey Glasses

For anyone who likes to give their whiskey a little swirl before sipping, the Sagaform rounded base whiskey tumbler (which comes in a set of six) makes it all the easier. A central raised point on the glass bottom means it doesn’t rest flat, but always angles off into one direction. It’s an uncommon attribute that offers up a bit of playful functionality.