Spill-Proof Spinning Wine Glasses

Aura Glass is currently Kickstarting a drinking vessel for klutzes and tipsy people

For those among us who are klutzy, prone to having one-too-many wines or own white furniture, Aura Glass‘ new endeavor might be a saving grace from teetering stemware. Currently funding on Kickstarter, their new spill-proof wine glasses roll around like spinning tops, rather than fall over like regular drinking vessels. Almost impossible to knock over, the glasses also make for easy swirling; meaning your wine is aerated faster.


While we were concerned about just how much liquid the glasses can hold without spillage, Aura Glass says even a 12 ounce pour stays safely inside while spinning. Made from quality lead-free glass, it sits on a stainless steel ball, but most importantly, with an 18 ounce capacity, it’s made at just the right angle.

Pledge $19 and secure yourself an early-bird two-pack, with delivery expected before the holiday period this year.

Images courtesy of Aura Glass