Underwater Photographer Henley Spiers’ Surreal Black and White Series

Dramatic images of ocean life by a former dive instructor

At first glance, many images from underwater photographer Henley Spiers‘ black and white series are disorienting: sea creatures in motion are captured with crystalline clarity but appear abstract. Some photographs require further inspection to figure out exactly what’s in frame. Others are breathtaking glances at rarely seen moments. Altogether, the series stirs emotions and reminds viewers of the sheer beauty and brilliance of the planet’s …

BW-Space Underwater Drone

Youcan Robot’s BW-Space is a the ideal accessory for any level underwater explorer. The drone is outfitted with a 4K camera, autonomous and piloted control features, and LED light settings. The drone does not come with the Control Remote, but the unit features an autopilot mode and auto-tracking for subjects the 4K, UHD camera recognizes as the focal point.

Pakpod: a Versatile Tripod

Tiny, light, waterproof legs for your camera, GoPro or smartphone

There is a plentitude of desirable features at play within the new Pakpod tripod. Enough, in fact, that we feel comfortable calling it one of the most clever on the market for lightweight cameras, GoPros and smartphones. It’s durable—made from the same high-impact ABS material used in bike and ski helmets—and water- and freeze-proof, but it also weighs less than a pound. A patented, one-twist …