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Pakpod: a Versatile Tripod

Tiny, light, waterproof legs for your camera, GoPro or smartphone

There is a plentitude of desirable features at play within the new Pakpod tripod. Enough, in fact, that we feel comfortable calling it one of the most clever on the market for lightweight cameras, GoPros and smartphones. It’s durable—made from the same high-impact ABS material used in bike and ski helmets—and water- and freeze-proof, but it also weighs less than a pound. A patented, one-twist locking system means it’s quick and easy to deploy the legs. It’s also been designed for more than resting on the ground. There are flip-out stakes at the base of each leg that allow for it to hold its own in pretty complex scenarios, and the product is dynamic enough that it can be rigged, bungeed, taped or bolted just about anywhere. It’s this go-anywhere ability, coupled with the compact design that springs out to a maximum 17.75″ extension, that set it apart from competitors in this category.

After fulfilling a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, Pakpod is now available for purchase online at $99. The lightweight camera mount is sold separately for $22. When we met with Pakpod founder Steve Underwood, he hinted that exciting things are in the works for DSLR fans, as well.

Images courtesy of Pakpod


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