7-Free Polish

From beauty brand and platform for queer- and gender-expansive identities, We Are Fluide, the 7-Free Polish is a non-toxic, vegan nail polish. Free of the seven harmful components typically found in such formulas (formaldehyde, Toulene, DBP, Xylene, Camphor, Phthalates and TPHP), this gloss won’t do you harm. With a thick and shiny application, it’s available in glittery hues, bold shades and iridescent iterations.

Classic Whip SPF 30

Vacation’s Classic Whip SPF 30 sunscreen—which is packaged like the nostalgic dessert topping—is more than a playful novelty. It’s a water-resistant, ultra-lightweight, reef-safe, moisturizing formula composed of coconut oil, aloe vera, shea oil and other vegan ingredients. Dispensed from the tilt-valve actuator, the mousse instantly absorbs into the skin. The functional and inventive Whip is such a joy that it makes remembering to re-apply a …

Inspiring Cookbooks For Summer

From plant-based recipes to playful fusion dishes, there's something for every taste this season

In the warmer months—particularly on those humid, swampy days—cooking can become a chore. Thankfully an abundance of cookbooks are released in spring and summer to keep home cooks inspired and excited to experiment in the kitchen. From Ital influences to Indigenous Australian ingredients and Korean American fusion, these are just some of our favorite cookbooks this season. Korean American: Food That Tastes Like Home From …