Tchotchke Gallery Opens Its First Physical Location in Brooklyn

Advocating for artists lies at the heart of this new East Williamsburg gallery

In 2020, Danielle Dewar and Marlee Katz founded Tchotchke Gallery, a then-digital art platform that reacted to the parameters of the pandemic. Now, the co-founders are expanding the gallery to its first brick-and-mortar space in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Opening today with a group show entitled Homecoming (on view until 11 February), Tchotchke continues to be an artists-first gallery that represents their roster beyond their works. Further, …

“Flying a Kite in the Suburbs” Mini Print

From artist and musician Cory Feder comes a mini giclée print for the work “Flying a Kite in the Suburbs.” Measuring five by six inches, the comic-style artwork features a glittery orb, as well as a motley of abstract stars and shapes which float atop quintessential blue skies. The work imparts a bit of childlike wonder and joy.

Computer Scientist and Visual Artist Jaron Lanier’s TED Talk

A philosopher for the digital generation on the urgent changes we must make online

One of the brightest minds in computer science, Jaron Lanier‘s titles and accomplishments are many. Whether you primarily consider him the founder of virtual reality, a visual artist, an author or philosopher, his ideas and their execution have long been revolutionary. Lanier took the stage in Vancouver for this year’s TED—and his talk, very much in the raw but sharp and poignant style of TED …