A History of Britain in Thirty-Six Postage Stamps

“A History of Britain in Thirty Six Postage Stamps” is kind of like Cliff’s Notes, but better. The stamps themselves are art, and Chris West incorporates not only the country’s history, but culture and politics as well, into a snappy survey of three dozen British stamps.


Getty Images introduces a new tool for those with severe cases of information overload

Advertorial content: With digital media operating at a constant fever pitch—mostly fueled by the constant stream of recycled content—it’s difficult to sift through the masses to find the most relevant, original information possible. Cue 27Letters. The site, designed as a top-level filter for the most notable and referenced images from over 250 media sites, allows users a quick and easy way to consume content that …

Stephen King Posters

Illustrator Nick Tassone's elegantly disturbing screen prints interpret the King of horror's classic flicks

Providing a fresh take on Stephen King‘s classically twisted words and worlds, graphic designer Nick Tassone evokes the spirit of the disturbing films with a set of movie posters that perfectly illustrate each daunting plot. Tassone cuts out the gore and reduces each image down to an essential stylized symbol, using a two-color palette of black paired with a pastel. For “Carrie,” an upended bucket …