Getty Images introduces a new tool for those with severe cases of information overload

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With digital media operating at a constant fever pitch—mostly fueled by the constant stream of recycled content—it’s difficult to sift through the masses
to find the most relevant, original information possible.
Cue 27Letters.

The site, designed as a top-level filter for the most notable and referenced images from over 250 media sites, allows users a quick and easy way to consume content that sets thousands of global conversations in motion every day. Edited and collated alphabetically according to various keywords, it reflects the power that images hold over wider culture—from politics to architecture.

As a one-stop solution, 27Letters appeals both to the casual reader and the creative professional looking for new ideas or insights, with an intuitive interface that allows for both quick glances and deeper exploration. Short blurbs about each image give context and link out to the original source, and the site also flags content you’ve already checked out to further organize info and limit time spent in front of the computer screen.

For anyone trying to stay on top of the rapidly-changing media landscape without damaging already-fried retinas more, 27Letters come in as a valuable asset.