Stephen King Posters

Illustrator Nick Tassone's elegantly disturbing screen prints interpret the King of horror's classic flicks

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Providing a fresh take on Stephen King‘s classically twisted words and worlds, graphic designer Nick Tassone evokes the spirit of the disturbing films with a set of movie posters that perfectly illustrate each daunting plot.

Tassone cuts out the gore and reduces each image down to an essential stylized symbol, using a two-color palette of black paired with a pastel. For “Carrie,” an upended bucket hangs from a rope, while “Firestarter” and “Cat’s Eye” receive a literal treatment, showing a single large match and a wide cat’s eye. These condensed interpretations reinforce King’s ability to create intelligible stories, easily recognized even years after they were originally published.

Adding a layer of detail to play up a bygone tone, the vintage-inspired graphics include scratches and imperfections. The simplicity of Tassone’s design lends a familiar Hitchcockian dread and unease, making for an ultimately creepy yet visually-pleasing poster.

Pick up the Carrie poster and (soon) more for $30 from Tassone’s online shop.