Volcán De Mi Tierra’s Limited Release Blanco Smoke Tequila

Originally a San Diego exclusive, this lush liquid is now available across California

From Volcán De Mi Tierra comes a new small-batch, handcrafted tequila that affirms the brand’s position among the liquor category’s most inspired pioneers. The limited release Volcán De Mi Tierra Blanco Smoke has been produced from 100% blue Weber agave, harvested in the Highlands. It’s also undergone two distillations in copper pot stills. It’s a distinct 10-day finishing in rare peated single malt whisky barrels (from another …

Volcán De Mi Tierra Tequila’s Delectable Reposado Debut

Chef Luis Arce Mota of NYC restaurant La Contenta pairs the tipple with delicious Mexican dishes

For the 2017 debut of Moët Hennessey’s super-premium tequila brand Volcán De Mi Tierra, we made our way through Mexico to tour the tipple’s birthplace and learn of its development with the masterful Gallardo family. Volcán launched with a crisp entry-level Blanco and a creamy Cristalino (with the latter our favorite). More than three years later, the burgeoning brand introduces its carefully considered Reposado and it’s …

Cristalino Tequila

For all its meticulous branding and thoughtful development, the greatest strength of Moët Hennessy’s first-ever tequila brand, Volcán De Mi Tierra, happens to be the flavor. Of the two debut products, the Cristalino remains our favorite. It’s an añejo, filtered through charcoal to remove all color, and the luscious vanilla, creamy caramel and toasted agave flavor profile will impress lovers of premium spirits.