Volcán De Mi Tierra’s Limited Release Blanco Smoke Tequila

Originally a San Diego exclusive, this lush liquid is now available across California

From Volcán De Mi Tierra comes a new small-batch, handcrafted tequila that affirms the brand’s position among the liquor category’s most inspired pioneers. The limited release Volcán De Mi Tierra Blanco Smoke has been produced from 100% blue Weber agave, harvested in the Highlands. It’s also undergone two distillations in copper pot stills. It’s a distinct 10-day finishing in rare peated single malt whisky barrels (from another member of parent company Moët Hennessy’s portfolio) that sets it apart. This is more than enough time to infuse the liquid with the Islay scotch brand’s signature peat smoke.

As its very name and bottle design make clear, the brand draws inspiration from the natural landmark Tequila Volcano, which is visible from their production facility. Blanco Smoke, however, takes this a step further: it looks toward the lava and volcanic ash that nourished the land and shaped all of Jalisco some 200,000 years ago. This eruption of inspiration informs a subtly tantalizing profile. The liquid noses of smoothy, silken cooked agave, with a dash of spice and an undercurrent of smoke. Fresh citrus notes join the creamy cooked agave on the palate, which concludes with an extension of the aforementioned spice and smoke. Agave spirit fans will appreciate the nuance here and, although it would lend a distinct twist to any tequila cocktail, it’s best enjoyed neat or over ice.

Volcán De Mi Tierra Blanco Smoke was originally released in San Diego only, where the brand commissioned a mural and implemented a $10,000 give-back grant to three small business owners, but it’s now available throughout California (and hopefully more states soon).

Images by David Graver