A “Garbage Watch” Made From Electronic Waste

“Most of the 50 million tons of electronic waste that’s generated every year is treated like garbage even though it isn’t,” the team at outerwear and accessories company Vollebak writes in a post announcing their new “Garbage Watch,” made in collaboration with Wallpaper* magazine’s Re-Made project. The timepiece comprises parts of salvaged keyboards, microchips, TVs and more—reincarnated as watch components. With pop-art appeal, the “Garbage …

Outerwear for Rainy Spring Days

Stay dry and protected in unpredictable weather

Wet, blustery, unpredictable weather is a shared predicament in many parts of the world—as are the woes that come with it. Here in NYC, the rain arrives in the spring, pays several visits through the summer and occurs sporadically until the precipitation ultimately turns to snow. In the warmer, but still wet months, having outerwear that’s breathable is essential—so many raincoats trap in heat, making …

50,000BC Jacket

Truly an all-encompassing garment, Vollebak’s 50,000BC jacket features four layers of protection and added wool insulation—making for a technical piece that will shield wearers from the elements. Made for extreme weather, it features a waterproof membrane and a sturdy, windproof nylon shell. The hood (complete with a peak) also fastens just below the nose, offering almost complete protection.