2022 Calendars + Planners

Astrological, artistic, spiritual, sophisticated, off-kilter and humorous options for organization this year

Time continues to be a strange and, at times, difficult concept and planning can seem bootless. But making the most of your time can be easier—and even provide some optimism—with a colorful, humorous or beautiful calendar. Whether you’re looking for motivation, inspiration or simply organization, these calendars and planners (some of which are artistic, astrological, design-forward, funny or fantastical) will add a little charm to …

Intentional Wall Calendar

Packed with thoughtful notes, important astrological dates, monthly moods and ideas for inspiration, Wilde House Paper’s Intentional Wall Calendar doubles as a way to organize time and a reminder to be your best self. Made from 100% recycled paper, the calendar is completed with a relaxed, minimalist typeface—the perfect composition for its beautiful messages.

Jumping Point Calendar

Made in Germany, the 2022 Jumping Point Calendar displays the days of month vertically. Punching out each date—daily—reveals a vibrant color beneath. Measuring 38 by 14 inches, this whimsical and eye-catching calendar organizes the year in bright, light-hearted hues.