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Creative Calendars and Planners for 2017

Snazzy options to help keep organized and inspired

Unless you were given a calendar, planner or agenda for the holidays, most people wait a few days into the new year before realizing it’s time to get organized. While there is a plethora of apps to help with scheduling and completing tasks, there’s nothing quite like a tangible wall, desk or pocket option, and if it’s especially well-designed—even better. We searched the internet and found traditional calendars, posters and diaries, but also 3D sculptures with which to track time, as well as playful planners that make each day a game. Regardless of what gets you inspired, there will be an option here—and we hope it makes for an adventurous and exciting 2017.

Bubble Calendar

A CH favorite for many years now, this Bubble Calendar ($27) is an incredibly satisfying way to stay on track. Days of the week and US holidays have been noted in each date bubble, but each calendar also comes with stickers for you to mark other special occasions. Designed by Stephen Turbek, it’s made in Brooklyn and will ensure your 2017 is quite literally poppin’.

Isometric Risograph Calendar

Printed on 100% recycled Oatmeal-Kraft paper and printed with soy-based inks, this rainbow-hued Isometric Risograph Calendar ($24) uses the print technique to create a delightfully retro planner. Made by hand in Toronto, this calendar will surely inspire creatives with its bright colors and geometric patterns.

Photodarium Private 2017 Limited Nude Edition

The classic tear a page away calendar gets a NSFW upgrade with Photodarium’s Nude Edition (€35). Each page—one per every day of the year—comes complete with an erotic image on one side and information about the work on the other. Unfortunately, there’s no space to make notes or calendar appointments but that isn’t the point here. Starting each day with a stimulating piece of art definitely helps one remember the date.

Crispin Finn Bingo Desktop Calendar

For anyone looking to make 2017 all the more fun in little ways, art and design duo Crispin Finn’s Bingo Desktop Calendar (£12) makes every day a small victory. The calendar references classic bingo cards, and the lithographically printed month-to-view design pops with color. Further, each calendar comes complete with an oversized bingo “dabber” marker to declare each day as done.

OfficialSeanPenn Calendar

For the meme-savvy, the 2017 OfficialSeanPenn Calendar ($25) will provide plenty of sparkly inspiration this year. With lots of classic collages by the internet favorite, there is the magical purple artwork of Prince, a pink floral creation featuring Cam’ron and more. This delightfully gaudy calendar measures 11 x 8.5 inches and will make every day feel like you’re living inside Tumblr.

Skyscraper #TWENTY17 Calendar

Quite a different vibe than the previous glittery bonanza, this large wall calendar (€22) (measuring 59 x 84cm) by Skyscraper J is beautifully minimal. While there’s not a huge amount of room to scribble your daily plans, you can keep track of important events, or leave it blank as it works as an artwork on its own. Printed with vegan ink on 100% Austrian recycled paper, this planner will keep you in line this year.

Dodecal 3D Calendar

Far from a traditional calendar, this wooden 3D Dodecal (£79) designed by Ric Bell makes for a beautiful desk accessory. With 12 faces (aka dodecahedron) this calendar has the months and days laser-engraved on each side—so all you need to do is flip each month. Made from sustainably sourced European Sycamore wood, this piece weighs 320 grams and has been handcrafted using both traditional woodworking techniques and technology.

Save the Manatee Club Wall Calendar

With proceeds going directly to the Save the Manatee Club non-profit, this calendar is a constant reminder of the value in charity and the importance of protecting our environment and everything living within. Featuring 13 underwater manatee images, the Save the Manatee Wall Calendar ($15) offers a glimpse at some of the most charming work from wildlife photographers. Between the soy ink printing in the US, and paper made from managed forests, the organization made sure the calendar is as ethically sound as their message.

PhotoBlog’s 365 Photo Ideas Calendar

With an inspiring one or two word photographic idea for every day of the year, PhotoBlogs’s 365 Photo Ideas calendar (free) aims to help all users complete a 365 day photo project. With suggestions ranging from “strangers” and “my favorite drink” to “repetition” and “infinity,” all of the proposals within are meant to trigger creativity. For anyone who has dreamed of capturing a photo per day, this can be a handy guide just as much as it’s a helpful indicator of the day and date.

Custom Tearaway Calendar

Designed like a traditional per-day tearaway planner, this version ($40) is custom-made to feature all your favorite snaps. Browse your camera roll or Instagram and choose 365 images you like best to appear on your calendar. Social Print Studio offers three different layouts, regardless, your calendar will be unlike any other.

The New Yorker Desk Diary

With each week spread across two 8 x 10 inch pages, there’s ample space in The New Yorker Desk Diary ($40) to note each day’s hourly appointments. Hardcover and wire-bound, functionality comes first—but with one cartoon per spread, this classic item carries plenty of personality through the publication’s signature wit.

Present & Correct Perpetual Calendar

Beyond the uncommon dial design, a great benefit of Present & Correct’s Perpetual Calendar (£22) happens to be multi-year use. With an arrow representing the present day, one simply aligns the correct month, week day and date. It’s easy, intuitive and high quality—made by hand letterpress on thick paper in two beautiful colorways.

Images courtesy of respective brands


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