Carbonator II Black Chrome

For carbonating water at home, Aarke’s compact Carbonator II does the job in the most quality packaging option on the market, now available in a black chrome finish. The use of stainless steel instead of plastic sets the countertop device apart from competitors, promising a longer lifespan and delivering a more eye-pleasing look. With its lever-operated function, it’s also easier to use.

Purified Sewage Water Nourishes Forest in Egyptian Desert

To prevent desertification (the eventual progression of land from fertile to arid) in a region of Egypt where the issue is prevalent, scientists are rerouting sewage waste water from nearby cities, passing it through natural purification processes, and using the nutrient-rich solution to fuel the growth of a “green wall.” Named the Serapium Forest, this oasis exists in the barren area around the Suez Canal …

Oru Kayak’s Inlet Makes Kayaking More Accessible

Available on Kickstarter now, a 10 foot kayak that folds down to the size of a suitcase

Many desire time out on the water, but few have the space to store a boat or full-length kayak. Oru Kayak, on the other hand, aims to make kayaking more accessible. Their offerings, which fold down to manageable sizes, are inspired by origami and work the same as any other vessel. While they launched their first product on Kickstarter seven years ago, they return to …