Viking Textiles Reveal Misconceptions About Women’s Power in Medieval Societies

The understood role of North Atlantic Viking women is often domestic, placing them second to men. However, new studies reveal these assumptions were made with present-day bias and that women were integral to the evolution of Medieval societies. At the forefront of this research is Michèle Hayeur Smith, an anthropological archaeologist at Brown University who analyzed textiles from the era to unearth the lives of …

COOL HUNTING Ferrari Roma Tailor Made’s Japanese Artisans: Indigo

Exploring the unique natural process behind Sukumo Leather

To push Ferrari‘s Tailor Made customization program to its limits—and bring our Ferrari Roma Tailor Made, Specially Crafted for COOL HUNTING to life—we commissioned components from several Japanese artisans that we visited during our 2019 CH Japan trip (and later collaborated with on our CH Omakase collection). Among the extraordinary custom additions, which include a signature Kamon (or personalized emblem) and Sakiori (textiles that have been upcyled from historic kimonos), the …

Lil Loom Kit

Ideal for those starting out with looming or who don’t want to commit to a massive project, WE GATHER sells this Lil Loom Kit. Along with a pre-threaded frame (measuring three by three inches), the set includes six different colored yarns, a weaving needle and illustrated instructions. The craft-centered brand also offers the slightly larger Simple Loom Kit, and the even bigger Frame Loom Kit.