Small Steps, yet Big Leaps

Driven by clarity and the need to inspire, our site redesign is live

One year in the making—and almost four years after our last refresh—we’ve just unveiled a brand new design for the site. As we’ve affirmed and honed our mission statement, you’ll continue to find much of what you’ve long loved about COOL HUNTING here. We aim, of course, to inspire, to quench curiosity, to filter through the ever-changing world of design and uncover that which speaks to the future. And yet, you’ll find that our visual emphasis has changed. Our previous six redesigns pushed boundaries and targeted unknown-to-the internet innovation. This time, clarity drives the site so that viewers can easily discover what we’ve spent time sharing.

Design at Squarespace

We put the all-in-one site building and hosting service to the test for our experimental retail program

Sponsored by Squarespace

Web-building platform Squarespace makes it easy for anyone and everyone to build a beautiful home online—you don’t have to be a coding or design expert, because Squarespace makes everything simple and accessible. Design isn’t just a veneer at Squarespace, it’s a value that permeates to the core, as evidenced by everything from their New York City office space to the team they’ve built to conceive, …

The Objects That Inspire Facebook’s Director of Product Design

Facebook’s director of product design, Margaret Gould Stewart, often turns to physical products when looking for inspiration. In an interview with Fast Company, Stewart reveals how some of her favorite items—including her grandfather’s old drill, a set of plates designed by Eva Zeisel and an ancient Inuit fish hook—have influenced her work. As she explains it, “Part of the creative process is looking for analogies …