Holiday Gift Guides 2022: BIPOC-Owned Brands

Presents by designers, artists and other makers of color

Being thoughtful about where you spend money can go a long way. When buying from brands—especially smaller ones—that are owned by people of color, you address and potentially even reduce the racial wealth gap, while bolstering local economies and celebrating community. It’s an act of optimism and enthusiasm. The items in this gift guide (which includes covetable home goods, apparel, skincare products, art, books and more) are …

Meditation Cushion + Mat Set

Made in Brooklyn with memory foam and a natural buckwheat fill, this two-piece set from Walden provides comfortability as well as ankle and knee support during meditative practice. It’s finished with a modern, sleek design using a premium moisture-resistant fabric. Available in a range of colors, the cushion and mat thoughtfully craft an ideal place for reflection.

Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Plant Medicine

From bongs to tinctures and balms, all kinds of presents for cannabis and mushroom enthusiasts

As longtime supporters of plant medicine, we are heartened by an ever-advancing awareness and the mainstreaming of its practice. From the broad adoption of cannabis to breakthroughs in marijuana and psilocybin legalization and milestone research around psychedelics (yes, we are aware that mushrooms are technically fungi and not plants), it’s clear that opportunities for wellness, enlightenment and enjoyment will continue to grow. As a result, there …