Matcha Chocolate

Made with high-quality shade-grown, stone-milled Japanese matcha and Belgian white chocolate, Kettl’s Matcha Chocolate boasts complex flavors and aromas. There are 2.5 servings of matcha in each bar, which contributes to the chocolate’s rich green coloration, too. It’s available individually or in a box of six.

Mouth-Made’s Three Debut Chocolates

Our favorite indie food purveyor unveils their own designed and branded treats

With all of the time and effort we put into scouting out quality new chocolates, it was quite the relief to find some superb options so close to home. CH favorite Mouth—a hub of independent, carefully selected food and drink items, with a webshop and retail location in NYC—has focused on chocolate for their first ever in-house designed and branded treats. Mouth-Made Chocolates, their trio …

Soma Chocolatemaker

Canada's premier chocolatier offers single-origin decadence and seasonal creations

There’s something about cold weather and comfort food that go hand-in-hand and any excuse to enjoy more chocolate is a welcome one, so it was a pleasure to indulge in some of the best from Toronto’s SOMA Chocolatemaker. Opting for small-batch production, SOMA develops close relationships with farmers around the world from the Dominican Republic to Papua New Guinea, with nearly all of their beans …