Mouth-Made’s Three Debut Chocolates

Our favorite indie food purveyor unveils their own designed and branded treats

With all of the time and effort we put into scouting out quality new chocolates, it was quite the relief to find some superb options so close to home. CH favorite Mouth—a hub of independent, carefully selected food and drink items, with a webshop and retail location in NYC—has focused on chocolate for their first ever in-house designed and branded treats. Mouth-Made Chocolates, their trio of sweet new bars, are composed of a hyper-transparent list of ingredients, and run the gamut from sweet and complex to smooth and refined. Further, and true to the brand’s identity, they’ve been “indie-fied.” The folks at Mouth teamed up with a chocolatier friend, began exploring various flavor profiles and the appropriate ingredients to bring it all to fruition. The resulting chocolate are certainly worth a try.

A curious standout, The Flat White, is composed of white chocolate and coffee that’s been ground for four hours (in order for it to emulsify). Remarkably, the bar itself isn’t white. The flavor just means that it’s been made with cocoa butter, vanilla beans and full cream milk (with pure cane sugar and sunflower lecithin, of course). It’s produced using the Donut’s Friend Blend from Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. The second we tried, the milk chocolate Toffee Break bar contains toffee bits and sea salt. Smooth and rich but not overtly sweet, there’s a pure chocolate aftermath once one has crunched through the toffee and salt flakes. Our final trial was of the High Five. For anyone who loves their chocolate bars chock full of sweet and savory goodness, this will not disappoint—it’s like a favorite childhood candy bar done right. Once again, the ingredient list is transparent—peanuts, peanut butter, caramel and pretzels. It’s a bar form of a something akin to a peanut butter cup but chewier, a slight crunch and with so much more at play.

Mouth-Made Chocolates are available online for $6.50 for a bar.

Images courtesy of Mouth Foods