Soma Chocolatemaker

Canada's premier chocolatier offers single-origin decadence and seasonal creations


There’s something about cold weather and comfort food that go hand-in-hand and any excuse to enjoy more chocolate is a welcome one, so it was a pleasure to indulge in some of the best from Toronto’s SOMA Chocolatemaker. Opting for small-batch production, SOMA develops close relationships with farmers around the world from the Dominican Republic to Papua New Guinea, with nearly all of their beans certified fair trade and organic.

While the team at SOMA make a mean bar of single-origin bitter dark, their creative seasonal specialties are the highlights. Using their culinary prowess to match tasting notes from single origin beans with fruits, SOMA creates perfectly balanced bars that are not too sweet, while packing complex flavors. Oddly enough, the favorite seasonal offering is the white chocolate—the team at SOMA takes great care when creating something most chocolate experts wouldn’t give the time of day. The Roasted White Chocolate Bar is unlike any other white chocolate. Creamy and rich, the chocolate is hand-torched, giving the surface of the bar a golden flame-kissed veneer with a very slight crunch; almost as if the bar had been carefully crisped over a campfire. This smoky complexity carries throughout with notes of vanilla and maple, making this bar quintessentially Canadian.

Visit SOMA online to see their selection of seasonal offerings as well as some year-round favorites and if you’re in Toronto be sure to stop by one of their locations in either the Distillery District or King Street West for a schooling in all things chocolate.

Photos by Hans Aschim