K Rutherford Kangaroo Print

Fine art animal photographer Kristopher Rutherford has made six of his kangaroo portraits available for purchase—between $10 and $60—with all proceeds going to WIRES, the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service. Rutherford took the images at a Texas zoo one year ago. He captured their tender nature through incredible details.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Insight into the Whitney Biennial, a win for sex-tech, tips for ethical tourism and more

Lora DiCarlo’s Pleasure Toy Award Reinstated at CES Earlier this year, sex-tech company Lora DiCarlo was awarded a Robotics Innovation Award at CES, then the award was revoked. Now, CES has again changed their collective minds, and reinstated the women-centric Osé pleasure toy the honor, with the Consumer Technology Association announcing that they “did not handle this award properly.” The debacle did, as expected, result …

National Geographic’s Tips on Ethical Wildlife Tourism

In an attempt to navigate tourists away from problematic and unethical wildlife experiences, National Geographic has published five tips for tourists.  To prevent animals’ suffering, one must tread lightly and look for red flags. Research, of course, is most important. As tourists love animals and the industry can be responsive, we must all look through potentially misleading terms like “gives back to conservation,” “sanctuary,” and “rescue,” …