Good Luck Jewelry

Ward off evil and bad vibes with these beautiful designs

From nazars to horseshoes and the Eye of Horus, almost every culture has a symbol of luck and protection that is meant to ward off the negative vibes and welcome the good. While lucky charms can be tacky, they can also be a stunning accessory that imparts individuality. To protect you from evil this Friday the 13th, CH editors have trawled the internet to find …

Hattie Smiley Clutch

Australian designer Poppy Lissiman and British artist Hattie Stewart have joined forces to design this super-bright and playful clutch—complete with smiley faces, love-hearts and mushroom motifs. Made from appliquéd faux leather this bag is a limited edition creation that’s guaranteed to prompt a smile or three.

State of Folly Three-Way Bag

With their convertible clutch, the Melbourne-based label delivers function without sacrificing aesthetics

Carrying a clutch looks great, but once you need to use both your hands—whether for holding snacks, riding a bike or throwing shapes on the dance floor—the accessory can be a hinderance. Enter the State of Folly three-way bag, which transforms from a clutch to a shoulder bag to a backpack—all by switching around its adjustable and detachable strap. Unlike so many functional and convertible …