Bird Industries Skirt Garter

A little accessory making a big difference for frock-wearing riders

BirdIndustries-01.jpg BirIndustries-02.jpg

Bird Industries‘ skirt garter isn’t a new concept, but this unassuming accessory certainly is a valuable item for any skirt-wearer riding on two wheels. The elastic band fits around your thigh and the clip attaches to your skirt or dress. Quite simply, it stops your skirt from flying up while cruising the streets so you can remain styling, biking and demure all at once. The band is lined with silicon to keep it from slipping, and the metal clip is covered in plastic teeth to make sure all your frocks stay in perfect condition.

Minneapolis-based Bird Industries skirt garters come in a range of colors—black, white, orange, blue, brown, gray, green, pink, purple and red—and are available online for $15.

Images courtesy of Bird Industries