The Arrivals Release 3.0

Walking through co-founder Jeff Johnson's background to understand the new collection

Since their 2014 debut, architecturally-driven outerwear and accessories brand The Arrivals has won over consumers for two very distinct reasons. First, they’ve succeeded in delivering functional, minimal silhouettes with unexpected flourishes from incredibly high-quality materials. Second, their direct-to-consumer model allows all of these features to be within reach financially. Despite (or perhaps because of) zero previous fashion industry experience, founders Jeff Johnson and Kal Vepuri …

Ben Ross: Wool

Lyrically powerful, at times vocally haunting, and altogether beautiful, “Wool” by LA-based singer Ben Ross further affirms the emerging artist’s talents. Nothing more than voice (sometimes layered) and piano, the track gently envelops listeners, rising and falling along the emotional spectrum. It’s a love song, yes, but an uncommon one—and worth a listen.