Pro Deluxe Tan Leather Boxing Gloves

Handcrafted from cowhide leather, Modest Vintage Player’s Pro Deluxe gloves merge nostalgic design with contemporary elements that enhance performance. Available in standard 12-, 14- or 16-ounce sizes (and small/medium or large/extra-large), they’re made by third-generation artisans who specially craft them with triple-layer padding technology, enhancing their durability and protection.

Supernatural’s Suite of VR Fitness Activities Now Includes Boxing

A transportive new style of immersive, at-home workout for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2

To slip on an Oculus Quest or Quest 2 and step into Supernatural is to experience the future of fitness. In the year and a half since its debut, this popular VR app, with a suite of activities inside, has taught consumers that at-home workouts marry remarkably well with virtual reality worlds. Now, boxing—with programs guided by real-life coaches—is the latest modality, joining the full-body cardio routines, as well …

Holiday Gift Guides 2020: Homebodies

Products that motivate and presents that make solo workouts out easier

There’s no doubt that in 2020, we were all homebodies. With gyms, pools and group exercise classes out of the question, we turned to at-home or outdoor solo sports (with varying levels of success) to stay active. Many individuals took up jogging or cycling, while online yoga and pilates classes proved more appealing to others. Regardless of your activity of choice, we need to move, …