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NURVV Run’s Intelligent Running Insole

Real-time feedback can improve pace, reduce the risk of injury, and more

Rather than rely on sensors on your wrist or arm, NURVV Run‘s 32-sensor sneaker insole gathers feedback from your feet, and it can be used with any running shoes. Whether it be pronation (how your foot rolls as it hits the ground) or step length (the distance a single stride takes you), the insoles’ clever arrangement of sensors and an attached ankle fob captures it all and decodes it. Then NURVV presents all the information (via their app) as insightful feedback rather than confusing data. Their goal is to make runners faster, more efficient, and less at risk for injury.

Though relatively niche (this device cannot measure overall health or relay a real-time heart rate check yet), NURVV’s device isn’t exclusively for expert runners. Aspiring runners, especially someone seeking to find some sort of minimal routine, will find the wearable particularly useful. If you desire to maintain a certain pace, or step up to a new one, NURVV’s long list of constructive data points will lead you in the right direction. In the device’s accompanying app, a pace can be set and NURVV will optimize your running style—including stride length, steps per minute, which part of your foot hits the ground first, and more—to reach it. In-ear audio (via earbuds you already own) and on-wrist visual (an additional feature if you wish to push notifications to a smartwatch) feedback will inform you if you’re falling behind or if you’re ahead of pace at crucial splits.

Though some of the information is gathered specifically to benefit experienced runners, rookie runners will find the app’s tone encouraging rather than daunting. Finding a pace that’s comfortably challenging can be difficult, and there’s often little noticeable difference. But, as NURVV’s app is quick to point out, inconsistency and over-exertion can lead to injury, and should be avoided by using their personalized training routines. Traditionally, this insight has been circulated only within running clubs or at appointments with medical or training professionals. Now, courtesy of technology and a bit of insight from a few of the running world’s most accomplished athletes, runners of all levels can benefit from comprehensive coaching and deep-diving, sensor-driven data.

Images courtesy of NURVV Run


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