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Good Night Lamp

Lighting the way home for distant friends and family


Spotted this week at the CES trade show in Las Vegas, Good Night Lamp is a project that aims to bring people together through a neighborhood of networked lamps. The concept is simple: each large lamp is paired with a smaller one, which can be given to friends and family anywhere in the world. Pressing down on the chimney turns the light on and off in both your lamp and its pair, creating a tangible reminder of the other’s presence.

Founder Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino has long been involved in projects related to “the Internet of things,” which refers to all networked objects in the physical world. Deschamps-Sonsino sees many applications for Good Night Lamp, which can act as a sort of personal signal or code between people—letting them know when you’ve returned home, gone to bed or are ready to talk. There is also the option to pair multiple small lamps to a single big lamp, allowing families to distribute mini lamps among their members.

Good Night Lamp is currently raising funds for production through a Kickstarter campaign.

Images courtesy of Good Night Lamp


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