Jawbone ERA

The brand returns to their roots with an exciting and effective new headset


We’d all but given up on wireless headsets. As convenient as it is to be hands-free, many devices are clunky, too heavy and occasionally ineffective. With today’s release Jawbone is changing all that. Having mastered the quantified self movement, the tech brand is returning to their headset roots and upping their game with all that they’ve learned along the way. Their latest, the ERA, is 42% smaller than the ICON—Jawbone’s previous offering. In addition to being tiny, it’s super-lightweight. And with the shapely design of its ear tip, the entire device has been designed to stay put comfortably for constant wearability.


Two features unite to provide premium sound quality. Jawbone redesigned their acoustic system, allowing for the highest quality audio to be transmitted from mobile devices to your ear—all running through a 10mm wideband speaker. This is HD quality sound whether you’re listening to music or on a phone call. The latest iteration of Jawbone’s NoiseAssassin noise-cancellation technology (Version 3.0)—developed for use in tanks and helicopters—guarantees that you’ll be able to hear, regardless of what’s going on in the outside world. This auto-adjusting feature not only tweaks inbound call volume and clarity, but heightens your outbound communication.


The ERA pairs easily, and in fact, it’s all-round easy to use. It takes voice commands well—for reading texts and emails, making calls, listening to music and more. It also gets along quite well with Siri. But perhaps one of the best advancements within the ERA is a small carrying case that also functions as a charger/backup battery, bringing the talking life of the device to 10 hours. With a sleek design, coming in four colorways (black, silver, brown, and red), it’s good looking enough not to be embarrassed talking to yourself. As with all Jawbone products, the ERA functions best when synced with the MyTALK platform. This allows for further customization and keeps the bluetooth headset updated.

Jawbone ERA is available online or in-store at Verizon, for $130 for the headset and charging case or $100 for the headset alone.

Photos by Josh Rubin