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A remarkable computer-designed glass vase underlines the beauty of nature

Tourbillon-Aplus2.jpg Tourbillon-Aplus1.jpg

A new vase from the French/Japanese design pair A + A Cooren, Tourbillon (French for vortex) is like a sculptural snapshot, depicting the natural phenomenon’s violent spiral action with a 3D glass model. To make the beautifully twisted form, A + A Cooren collaborated with French glass workers on an intensive process using computer imaging to create the structure and the more rational lines of the glass bubble that houses it.

The limited edition (just 21 pieces were made) comes in three sizes, each composed of two borosilicate glass shells, one for the vortex and one for the exterior sheath. They sell from
Gallery S. Bensimon
in Paris.

Founded by Aki and Armaud Cooren, Paris-based multidisciplinary studio A + A Cooren covers the realms of lighting, products, furniture and interior items all featuring its trademark Japanese sobriety.