Escaping into Nobu Shoreditch, London
by Michael Frank Just a few blocks off the quite bustling Great Eastern Street in London lies the wedge-shaped Nobu Shoreditch. From the back-end, it looks somewhat like the purposefully mesmerizing armor of a Japanese samurai in battle regalia...
Word of Mouth: Shoreditch
When a destination builds an alluring reputation, as East London's Shoreditch has, it's often tough to crack the most appropriate itinerary. How does one best participate in a location known for its expansive and globally recognized culture? CH's team...
citizenM Takes London
Boutique hotel chain citizenM hinted at world domination when we reviewed their first—and currently only—Stateside location in Times Square, New York City a few years ago; and they're getting closer to their goal with every opening (peek their map...
Emily Forgot's "Neverland" Exhibition at KK Outlet Gallery, Shoreditch
It's a bold move to invoke the mythical name of Neverland. For many, it already brings substantial associations pertaining to youth and imagination. And yet, graphic artist Emily Forgot (a moniker adopted by multidisciplinary artist and designer Emily...
ilovedust at Andaz Liverpool Street London
British multi-disciplinary studio ilovedust has a wide range of projects under its belt, having worked with companies like Carhartt, Absolut Vodka and Wired. But among its latest projects is an unusual assignment; not creating designs for a brand...
Joshua Light Show + Inherent Vice at the Ace, Shoreditch
A kaleidoscope of swirling, colorful shapes move up, down and around the windows of The 100 Room at Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel. The shapes come together and float apart, creating bubbles and cascading color explosions that look like fungi and haemoglobin...
Floating Points & Four Tet: Final Plastic People
The beginning of 2015 sadly brought about the end of Plastic People, one of East London's most notorious basement dance clubs. The talent that walked through its doors during the 20-year run undoubtedly helped shape modern dance music. As regular DJs...
Ace Hotel, London
Well into bookings and a spot-on event schedule just a month after opening, The Ace Hotel's latest offering takes its characteristic simplicity and buzz to east London's Shoreditch neighborhood. The brand has already become known as a haven for...
BL-NK Hackney
Uses for community spaces are continually changing, along with the people and industries that inhabit them. As once quiet peripheral urban areas become revived and rapidly developed, certain opportunities arise for innovative use of space. One such...