Cube Alarm Clock


Get a mental kick start from the moment you open your eyes in the morning with this alarm clock inspired by the classic puzzler. After it wakes you up, the cube clock becomes a treasure trove of knowledge—a bodhisattva of data, if you will.

By twisting the cube you will gain access to boundless jewels of wisdom including the time, the date or even the current temperature.

The '80s cube clock is three x three inches, so it's small enough to throw into your drawer while cold lampin' with your homies so they don't call you McFly for having a Rubik's cube. But then again, it's big enough to be conveniently displayed on your bedside table to impress the betties with a subtle yet bodacious sign of your trippendicular intellect.

Twist it the right way and it might just show you the meaning of life. It's $22 from Fled Flare.