2007 Gift Guide: CH Exclusive Discounts


There is no doubt that holiday shopping is taxing on the wallet. Luckily, a few Cool Hunting friends offered up a few discounts in our Gift Guide. Every little bit helps, no?

429 Life makes the softest t-shirts around and recently they've started a more comprehensive line including sweaters, henleys and hoodies. Featuring nice cuts with small details, they are always imminently wearable. Order strategically as the sizes run a bit small. Enter CH07 at checkout to get a 30% discount.

Behance Action Pads are a must-have for any creative professional. Strategically designed to maximize organization resulting in increased productivity, they are the perfect stocking stuffer for OCD types or anyone that likes to make a list.


Watchismo Watches
Our long time friend Watchismo has quite the watch collection. From the oldest vintage pieces to new and futuristic models, he probably has it. If he doesn't I bet he could find it for you and the re-released LIP line will wow any mod out there. For the first time, he's giving readers a special discount from his own collection. Just mention Cool Hunting at checkout for a 10% discount