2007 Gift Guide: The Lush List


With shopping crowds, dysfunctional families and Seasonal Affective Disorder (not to mention joy, etc.), there are plenty of reasons to drink during the holiday season. Reward your favorite drunk with a gift related to the age-old pastime. From robots (for those too lazy to pour their own beer) to a surrealist bottle of champagne, there's something for every kind of alcoholic. Below are four of our favorites. (Like our gift guide as a whole, we'll be updating The Lush List daily, so be sure to check back.)

Asahi Beerbot
Westerners train dogs to do things for them, Easterners would rather make robots. If you're too lazy to get off the couch, the Asahi beerbot is a must. Not only does it refrigerate a six-pack, it also pours them for you at the touch of a button. You can even program a custom voice. Your new best friend.

Viktor & Rolf x Piper-Heidsieck Upside Down Champagne
We really want to try and pull out that huge cork in the Upside down Champagne by Victor & Rolf x Piper-Heidsieck. We're also wondering how well it balances on that narrow base. Oh, and we hope the champagne tastes good too, that is, if you open the bottle.


Daiginjyou Sake Glass
The beautifully designed Daiginjyou Sake Glass adds a modern twist to a Japanese classic, adding what looks like an inverted water droplet into the bottom of the glass. The simple touch lends modern elegance that makes this glass literally good to the last drop.

Twist Cocktail Shaker
Not only is the helix-inspired Twist easier to grip than your average shaker, it's also a lot more easy on the eyes. With thermal-retentive metal designed to chill your drinks and a built in strainer, the Twist Cocktail Shaker might just be the best looking thing at the bar.