NEW AGE: Stonehenge to Jungle


Artist, collector and founder of counter culture book fair Cultural Traffic, Toby Mott is better known as a punk expert than a rave historian, but for New Age: Stonehenge to Jungle, he traces UK rave, jungle, sound system and warehouse parties through flyers. With 575 flyers and other ephemera, as well as interviews and contributions from Alan Lodge, Chris Peckings, Dave Little, IXY, Joe Rush, Junior Tomlin, KAOS, Pez and more, the book tells the tale of a specific youth subculture from the 1970s to 2000. Beginning with Stonehenge Free Festival (1974 to 1984) and traversing the decades, NEW AGE also digs into the rise of jungle music and its roots in reggae, highlighting the Black British community’s impact on rave culture. Price is in Pounds.