Kay Greyson: Over and Over

Newcastle, UK-based Kay Greyson has been writing rhymes since she was six years old and performing since she was a teenager. After several soulful releases, she shares “Over and Over,” a triumphant track replete with a pitched-up vocal sample, effervescent synths, thudding percussion and surging horns. While Greyson hasn’t announced an LP yet, the artist has promised this single is “just the beginning.”

Hedgerows Provide an Important Climate Solution

A trademark of the English garden, the hedgerow provides more than privacy and represents more than a cliche; the humble shrub offers an important climate solution. Britain already boasts 310,000 miles of hedgerow, but the Climate Change Committee (an independent entity based in the UK, founded under the Climate Change Act 2008) suggests planting 40% more by 2050, as they “slow down the runoff of water, …

Hampshire, England’s Eco-Friendly Luxury Hotel, Heckfield Place

A grand country house where the heavens feed the earth—and the guests

The great English country house conjures dreamy images of horseback rides and strolls through rolling hills on misty mornings. Of piles of scones at afternoon tea. Of formal dress for grand dinners served beneath yellowing portraits of long-gone forebears. The reality of the modern English country house is, of course, not the same as the cliché, but it can be just as picturesque and memorable …