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Acid House As It Happened


When London’s rave scene began in the late ’80s, it ignited a culture around uninhibited style, the Roland TB-303 synthesizer and blissful hedonism. More than wild revelry, the scene—dubbed acid house—became a …

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Hot Chip: Down

Anchored by a sample of Chicago-based Universal Togetherness Band’s glorious early ’80s track “More Than Enough,” Hot Chip’s new track “Down” feels both retro and contemporary. The song and its kinetic music …

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Kay Greyson: Over and Over

Newcastle, UK-based Kay Greyson has been writing rhymes since she was six years old and performing since she was a teenager. After several soulful releases, she shares “Over and Over,” a triumphant …

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Royce Wood Junior: Slush

Soulful, funky and squelchy, “Slush” by singer, songwriter and musician Royce Wood Junior lives up to its name. The satisfying, undulating bop teases the London-based artist’s new album (his first in five …