Umi Hair Product Kits


The result of years of research in salons, on photo shoots and in labs, leading hair stylists developed Umi Products' line of haircare kits for mixing and layering to create a variety of styles. Each kit is a product duo geared toward different effects (volume, texture, curl, etc.) and packaged in modern white boxes that slide open to reveal a pop-up card indicating the ratio of product to use. The brand is dedicated to achieving the best hair products on the market and we can't disagree so far—even the scents are subtle and pleasing.


Umi Straight makes the Cher look possible. With just a few drops of Umi Sliquid and D fuse, the need for a straightener is almost obsolete and frizz is noticeably reduced—few products out there have impressed us more. It's all but guaranteed that this product will cut your styling time down and won't be surprised if you're hooked after just one use.

Another one of our favorites is Umi Extend, which contains Umi Base Spray and Umi Powder, a great way to extend hair styles for an extra day. A dry shampoo, a few shakes of powder drastically cuts down on greasy hair and revives it with a subtle scent of fresh spring air, also adding control for more elaborate styles.

For those looking to amp up hair with curl and volume, there's an Umi Kit for those purposes too. The curl kit comes with a creme for flexible hold and the same D fuse from the straightening kit to seal cuticles and prevent frizz. It's probably more heavy-duty than average products for curly hair but those with less kink will find success just by using less product.

In the volume kit, a detangling spray acts as a gentle conditioner while the volume spray is amazingly non-sticky (it contains no alcohol) but adds a nice lift.

Visit Umi Products Online Shop to purchase. Prices for the kits start at $25.