Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2009, Part Two

Part two of our Valentine's day guide brings more treats for the sweet. From exceptional chocolates (no heart-shaped box required) to itty-bitty polka dot boxers, these gifts are refreshing takes on traditional picks.


DL & Co. Lady Rhubarb Perfume With red mandarin, sandalwood, grapefruit and perilla (otherwise known as shiso), one of our favorite brands makes a scent that balances freshness, femininity and a little something sultry. The roll-on makes a chic accessory for ladies on-the-go. The 8.5 mL vial is $50 from compartes_2037_2491658.jpg


Love Nuts
Compartes Chocolatier's Love Nuts come in a crocodile case with and signature blue ribbon, requiring no other wrapping except for a card. Enclosed is a half a pound of their habit-forming sweet and salty, nutty goodies. You can buy it for only $21 at Compartes Chocolatier.

Ball Point Pen with Heart Stamp
This pen is made of plastic and steel, featuring a heart-shaped stamp on the end which makes it easy to proclaim your love for the occasion or any day of the year. What's more, the pen-stamp is a result of a collaboration between Shachihata out of Japan, who have been producing stamps for nearly one hundred years, with designer Fukasawa. For more information visit Cooper-Hewitt and purchase for $50 dollars.


Acne Boxa Underwear
The cropped and fitted cut of Acne's polka dot boxers are perfect for skinny jeans-wearing bfs. Italian cotton makes for an extremely comfortable and more breathable experience than your average Hanes pair. Purchase for $70 at Acne Studios.

Petrossian Edible Chocolate Box
We don't have anything against heart-shaped boxes but you generally can't eat them. Petrossian's edible box makes for a lovely presentation of the delicious hand-painted chocolates it contains. It's $70 from innermessage1.jpg

Yoon Jung Yun: Inner Message Ring
What better way to proclaim your love than with a ring? This one, designed by
Yoon Jung Yun features a hidden message on the inside that stays imprinted after the ring is removed. While the outside might be plain, it's a gift that literally leaves a lasting impression. Standard messages include "Always" and "Marry Me," but custom versions are available as well. Visit Yoon Jung Yun for more information and instructions for purchasing. Prices start at $120.


Bespoke Chocolates
Hand-crafted from fine ingredients in NYC, each Bespoke chocolate is a little universe of taste and texture unto itself. Whether dripping caramel down your chin from biting into one of their award-winning Pretzel-Covered Sea-Salted Caramels (pictured) or letting the balanced blend of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves of their Chai Spice melt over your tongue, you'll be glad you didn't opt for Godiva. Chocolates are $2.25 each and ordering info is available on Seagate_FA_Go_family.jpg

Seagate FreeAgent Go
Seagate's drive is one of the thinnest out there and comes in a variety of colors, if that's your thing. (Us Mac users are stuck with silver.) An optional dock keeps things easy and organized both on your desk and in your computer. Nerd love is real love too. Prices start at $129 for the
Mac version and $99 for non-Macs.

with contributions by Bailee Wolfson