Playing Around: Kid’s Gifts For Any Age


Winter break means the kids are home and most likely trapped indoors with little to do. Double the fun by giving them gifts you can both enjoy, they'll be happy to spend time with you and you'll be happy to act like a kid again. Here's a list of our top items from the 2008 Holiday Gift Guide that allow you to hang with anyone, from the smallest of tykes to your teenage sibling.

Project No. 8's Leather Skateboard combines skateboarding, fashion and art.

Japanese musician and producer Cornelius' 5.1 DVD Cornelius: Sensurround + B-Sides is perfect for audiophiles while entertaining kids—it's like a modern Fantasia.

Create your own Muppet with Muppet Whatnot Workshop.

We often wish we hadn't given away our childhood Lite-Brite. With Bandai Luminodot Lite-Brite HD Board we can recapture the magic and more.

This jazzed up Flashflight Light-Up Flying Disc features LED lights that change colors.


The Sno-Baller effortlessly makes the perfect ball every time for dominating any snow skirmishes this winter.

Experiment with molecular gastronomy in the comfort of your own kitchen with the Texturas Spherification Mini-kit, keeping tweens occupied and teaching them a lesson in science.

Start the toddlers young with this Wooden Cell Phone.

Moss returns this holiday season with Gone But Not Forgotten Finger Puppets, designed by the wonderful Il Golfini della Nonna.

Make your own ukulele with this customizable DIY Ukulele Kit.


Instructions for essential skills to get you through the rigors and challenges of modern living are included in "Show Me How: 500 Things You Should Know."

Simultaneously fun and educational, Boa Stacking Rings with Sounds is a stack and squeeze toy with a different sound for each squishy ring and a giggling head when stacking is complete.

Get crafty with Mona Doll, a truly an imaginary friend. The blank Mona doll comes equipped with 10 machine washable markers, leaving the looks of Mona solely up to any kid's (and yours) imagination.

A classic film that most of us grew up with, the The Red Balloon book is a great way to pass on the story to a another generation.

Playing a series of notes when you break any of the six laser beams with the movement of your hands, the Laser Beam Music Generator allows you to reproduce music and save it for immediate playback.