Winter Skin and Hair Revival


Come late January, the winter sky is not the only thing that gets dull. With low humidity and cold winds outside but high heat indoors, it's easy to feel that no amount of water will ever replenish our systems. With so many items out there offering to cure distressed skin and hair, figuring out which ones that work well can be a tedious and costly experience. After a few weeks of trying them out, we've picked our favorites that are sure to have you glowing again.

Espa White Clay Hand Cream
By combining ancient and modern therapies with the finest quality ingredients found in science and nature, Espa creates products that are of the highest caliber. Made in England, the White Clay Hand Cream protects your nails and rejuvenates your hands while reducing irregular pigmentation and skin spots. A blend of minerals, Rosehip oil, shea butter and apricot kernel provide complete nourishment to your hands. One of our favorites from the group, the hand cream is available at Espa online or at any of their unique spas for $36 (above left).

Molton Brown Reawakening Mer-rouge Hydramasque
Originally a London hair salon, Molton Brown began making their natural products in a makeshift lab above the boutique using nettles and camomile. Applying the same innovative method today, their hair care products are comprised of fortifying plants and vitamins. For extremely dry hair, the best bet is this Reawakening Mer-rouge Hydramasque—an intense conditioner that will rejuvenate your hair and restore shine. Available at Molton Brown for $40 (above middle).

Maui Babe Ultra Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion
A "local secret," Maui Babe started with a guy named Joe who decided to add coffee to his tanning oil while hanging out on his roof, contemplating life. After adding fresh Aloe and Kukui Nut oil, he bottled up his recipe and passed it out to friends. All fell in love with it and demanded more. To keep their skin moisturized after all that sun exposure (or in our case, all the dry winter air), they created the Ultra Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion. Composed of Aloe Vera, macadamia Nut Oil, and vitamins A,C, & E, the lotion is nourishing and the smell will give you a tropical boost during the winter months. Available at Maui Babe for $23 (above right).


Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist
Harnessing nature to relieve stressed skin, skyn Iceland sources the country's most effective and potent ingredients from its untouched, unspoiled arctic tundras, glaciers, nutrient-rich soil, volcanoes and waterfalls. The Arctic Face Mist is a refreshing boost with its pleasant fragrance and biospheric complex. Anti-inflammatory ingredients including yeast, chapparral extract, a blend of white, yellow, and green teas, and white willow bark are added to the solution. Available from skyn for $35 (above left).

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream
A truly medicating skin cream, Yu-Be was created by Japanese pharmacist Yoshikiyo Nowatari in 1957 to cure mountaineer, Sumiyo Tsuzuki, from dry, cracked skin. The cream is so effective it even allowed Tsuzuki to overcome extreme winds and sub-zero temperatures as she skied the South Pole, the lowest point on Earth. Made up of a concentrated glycerin, the non-greasy formula can be used on any area of skin that is in need of help. Available for $15 at Smallflower (above middle).

Ren Ultra-Moisture Osmotic Infusion Day Cream
With their bio active technology, recyclable packaging and donations made to campaigns that promote a better environment, REN's clean products won't pollute your skin or the earth. Ahead of the game with their skin care formula, the Ultra-Moisture Osmotic Infusion Day Cream provides immediate moisture. Even better, the osmotic regulator carries water deep into the skin and releases it when extra hydration is needed. Available at REN for £26 or at Sephora for $55 (above right).


Caudalíe Moisturizing Cream Mask
Caudalíe was born out of a random observation by a professor at the University of Pharmacy in Bordeaux on his visit to the Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte vineyard. A specialist in grapevine polyphenols, he noticed the chateau's dismissal of leftover skins and seeds, which are extraordinarily rich in anti-oxidants. Utilizing this waste, they immediately began researching and creating 'vinotherapy' products, offering the best anti-aging shield for skin. The Moisturizing Cream Mask is a twice-weekly mask that is applied with an innovative brush to help soften the skin and provide relief against harsh weather conditions. Available online at Caudalíe for $40, or their Vinothérapie Spa at the Plaza Hotel in New York City (above left).

Zenergize Hydrate DrinkTab
Staying hydrated is still probably one the best things you can do for your skin. A healthy boost you can add to water, Zenergize drink tablets are 100% natural, full of vitamins and nutrients, and void of sugar and calories. The Hydrate tab is packed full of electrolytes and vitamin-B, keeping you hydrated and energized on the go. Available at Zenergize or at various Whole Foods for $7, for a package of 10 tabs (above middle).

Nuxe Ultra Comfortable Foot Cream
A combination of nature and luxury, Nuxe keeps their passion for plants at the heart of the brand's philosophy. Part of the Rêve de Miel line, this thick, non-greasy foot cream is made with honey and cereal oils that restore your feet after just one use and leaves them smelling great. Available at Nuxe for $22 (above right).


Labello Med Protection Lip Care
After 100 years of making lip balm, Labello is still one of the best for curing dry, chapped lips. Their Med Protection lip care is long-lasting, and its combination of Hydramine and Grape Seed extracts strengthens your lips and leaves them feeling super smooth. Available for $9 at Smallflower (above left).

Sustainable Youth Elastifirm Supplements
Driven by the philosophy that beauty is achieved from the inside out, Sustainable Youth uses technology to create products that are clinically tested to increase skin's elasticity while reducing inflammation. Their all natural, vegan-friendly formula uses Alasta, a proprietary blend shown to boost immunity and stimulate healing and collagen production. The compact, recyclable bottle containing 60 capsules is available on their site, for $65 (above middle).

Mission Revive Gel
Designed for ultra-endurance athletes on a mission, the Revive Gel is a high-performance moisturizer that relieves your skin after prolonged sun or wind exposure. We tested it out after skiing at Crested Butte and the gel is proved to soothe and cool our wind burnt skin. It's also said to replace the vitamins and antioxidants lost during activity. Highly recommended if you like snow sports, it's available from Mission Skincare for $9 (above right).

With contributions by Ami Kealoha, Tim Yu and Bailee Wolfson