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Cindy Wright


Cindy Wright is a Belgian artist who is showing her work for the first time in the United States at Pulse, a fair concurrent with Art Basel in Miami. [We'll be on site giving you reports all next week].

Cindy's work is nothing short of awe inspiring. Her Lips, 2004, above right, is reminiscent of a similar painting (of a woman's lips with smeared lipstick) by Nancy Graves. Others have said that her work is like "Thomas Ruff." In any case what you will see are still life and portrait paintings that are incredibly lifelike, almost like photographs. This group of works show flesh and blood literally, as in Baconcube 1, 2003, above left.

This prize winning young artist (she's won the Young Belgian Painting Prize, the BP Portrait Award and the 10th International Hoppeland Painting Prize, among others) will have her first solo exhibition in the U.S. at Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica (one of our favorites), in February, 2006.


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